Develop OKRs with the global expert community
Become an expert in the OKR world
ObjectiveS and Key Results
OKR Big Picture - in the palm of your hand
OKR is an adaptive framework consisting of tools and processes for carrying out development and innovation strategy
OKR Team is an international organization comprised of the OKR expert community.
Our goals:
To help OKR specialists to hone their skills
Make OKR tools available to most companies worldwide
To unite all practitioners in the OKR world
Standardize the best OKR practices
Heads of Project Management Offices
HR Specialists
Product Managers and Product Owners
Heads of business units
Project Managers
Change Experts
OKR implementation specialists
Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches
OKR facilitators/coaches/masters
OKR Competencies Development Stages
There are three consecutive stages. Each stage is validated by an examination. The stages are consecutive, which means that stage 1 must be completed before stage 2.
Stage 3 is additionally validated by cases with proven business effect of OKR implementation.
Once completed, the student understands the components of the OKR framework (roles, meetings, artefacts), obtains new skills in setting OKRs and realizes what steps need to be taken to begin OKR implementation in their company or team.
OKR Certified Practitioner is issued upon completion of the basic OKR Certified Practitioner class.
Once completed, the student can launch and develop OKRs for the company and support the work of many OKR teams.
The class covers important details of OKR planning, OKR reviews and retrospectives. It offers tools for adapting design of all meetings to the company context.
OKR Certified Master is issued upon completion of the OKR Certified Master class.
The certificate is issued to an OKR implementation practitioner who has validated their experience with implemented cases and who has completed the OKR Team interview which validates OKR implementation skills at all levels of the organization.
OKR Certified Expert is issued upon completion of the OKR Certified Master class.
Companies that use OKR worldwide
Companies that use OKRs globally
WORLD-CLASS okrs Experts
Business Agility Coach with experience in various business segments. He is engaged in the development of goal setting, product approach and scaling of agile practices in companies.
Ivan Seleverstov
OKR & SAFe practices with experience in banking, telecom, retail, fintech and manufacturing companies. Conference organizer Agile Days, OKR Russia, Enterprise Agile Russia
Konstantin Khokhrin
Agile coach, an expert in Agile transformation of large companies, develops SAFe® and OKR in Russia, producer of the research "Agile in Russia", conferences Enterprise Agile Russia and OKR Russia
Sergey Rogachev
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